Pregnancy Outcomes

During pregnancy, there is a reversal of the estrogen/progesterone hormones in the mother. This results in increased blood flow to the uterine wall to nourish the embryo/fetus. The oral tissues have similar histological features as uterine tissue. So, the same hormonal reversal results in increased blood flow to the periodontal tissues creating a perfect environment for periodontal bacteria to flourish. This results in gingival hyperplasia, pregnancy gingivitis, periodontitis and even a pregnancy tumor. It is very important for the mother to be on a very strict periodontal maintenance program during pregnancy to prevent the harmful effects of periodontal inflammation on the fetus/embryo. Periodontal Inflammatory cytokines come in contact with the fetal sac and weaken it. This results in premature rupture of the fetal sac causing premature birth and low birth weight with all the associated complications.

At Britt Perio we have effective methods to control periodontal inflammation to produce better pregnancy outcomes.